hosting a yoga or wellness retreat?

I am available as a chef for hire!


industry rate is $45 AUD/hour. please e-mail me to request a quote! let me know number of people, location, date, and meal/dietary requirements.

You set a grocery budget, and I'll design a menu that works within that that also caters to any dietary needs of you, your staff and guests. I'll do all the grocery shopping necessary during the retreat at local shops, so you can focus 100% on your guests. I'll cook everything fresh, using only the best ingredients the area has to offer. The menu will be entirely plant-based (vegan or vegetarian, no meat or fish). 

please e-mail to book, preferably at least 3-5 months prior to your retreat dates.

*currently booking retreats for mid-late 2020*

past retreats:

mini jungle retreat in Fort Collins, Colorado with Rivka Peiffer: April 2019

bliss by the beach retreat in New Harbor, Maine with Kat Cynewski: August 2019

red hill retreat in Red Hill, Victoria, Australia with Sammy & Taylor of Yoga213: November 2019

kinglake retreat in Kinglake, Victoria, Australia with Rach Mellican & Sarah Turner: February 2020

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video edit: Jacob Strock

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