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My name is Aliza. I'm a plant based private chef living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a fully self-taught cook that turned my passion for the plant based lifestyle into my career. I also am a Kangen Water distributor.

Retreat chef: hosting a wellness or yoga retreat? I can provide some epic plant based food for that! Please visit the RETREATS page for details.

Private chef: bespoke menu and meal prep delivered to your door. All produce is washed in the most hydrogen rich water in the world, Kangen water. This water of pH 11.5 will remove any oil based pesticides and herbicides off of fruits and vegetables. I can include 3L of the pH 8.5 alkalized drinking water in your order if you're keen to drink the benefits of this amazing elixir! Please visit the MEAL PREP page to discover more about this service.

Kangen water distributor: I distribute medical grade, sustainable, eco-friendly products for your home. How though? By personally mentoring an incredible team of conscious thinkers and freedom seekers to build their own thriving online business. Please visit my WORK WITH ME website or THE WATER page to learn more!

I am food management and safety certified (ServSafe) and hold a certificate in plant based nutrition from Cornell University online.


I was so impressed by the level of thoughtfulness and personalization...

She cooked professionally and quickly - the plan was easy to follow and I felt amazing!

Ellie J.

It was a treat to try Aliza's creations! The convenience of having meals planned, shopped for, and prepared yet customized, allowed us more time to enjoy our family while still eating well. 

Jason & Shana H.

We couldn't have been happier with our experience with Aliza's cooking. She swooped in and made the most incredible food in a matter of hours. She was sweet with my fascinated toddler, the kitchen was spotless, and meals were organized perfectly in the fridge. The food itself was restaurant quality. Our whole family approved and would highly recommend ShaktiFresh to anyone.
John & Bethany C.

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