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My Personal Kangen Water Testimony

Not all water is created equal.

When I first came across the Kangen Water machine (the K8) honestly I was the biggest skeptic. Water is water is water, I thought. I live in Australia (and am from MA, USA) where the tap water is "safe" to drink, and I can access it anywhere, anytime. Why would investing in this machine make a difference in my health if I'm already hydrating well with tap water?

This is just another internet scam, I thought.

But then I did my research.

And I learned that tap water and bottled water are treated with chlorine and other chemicals to de-contaminate it. When I was younger, my parents always told me to not drink pool water. So why is it fine/"healthy" to be drinking it from my sink instead?

Our bodies are more than 60% water. We should be drinking the best of the best water. It is the only necessity in life.

I realized: I'm not hydrated one bit. I'm constantly dehydrated. Along with 70% of Americans. I was drinking nearly 3L of tap water in an 8 hour work day and still was thirsty with a dry mouth. I was always sleeping lightly and even 9 hours per night wasn't feeling like enough. My skin was dry and had red patches + pimples. My digestion was terrible. I was frequently painfully bloated. My nails and hair were brittle. "I'm a 'healthy' and active 30 year old vegan, why isn't it showing?" was a constant thought pattern.

But all that shifted when I started drinking Kangen Water, also known as electrolyzed reduced water (water that has gone through the process of electrolysis).

I've written a detailed account of the science behind the water here: https://www.shaktifresheats.com/the-water

^ There's also a link to a PDF I created detailing the 68 uses of the K8.

I encourage you to do your own research too. Plug electrolyzed reduced water into PubMed or Google Scholar and see what you find.

I know, I know. It still seems a bit like "ehhh" hard to believe.

But 3 months into drinking this water all day everyday, I sometimes have to stop, recognize and show gratitude for what has changed in my health. This water is by no means a cure all. To me, it's simply the last piece of the puzzle that I didn't know I needed.

The first major difference I noticed: SLEEP

I truly didn't realize how terribly I was sleeping until I started drinking Kangen, and then I started sleeping so soundly. It makes sense though - hydration promotes a functional system. Sleep is an extremely important systemic function that is severely underestimated. Without proper hydration, how could it work the way it's supposed to? With better sleep comes improved energy levels. Now I never hit snooze on my alarm, I don't need a nap, I don't get home at the end of a busy day and want to collapse onto the couch. To sleep well and wake up refreshed is a gift we all deserve.

Second major difference: DIGESTION/BLOATING

Anyone that knows me well has seen me bloat to extreme and painful levels after meals. I would look at least 6 months pregnant, and if you poked my belly it was hard as a rock. The pain and bloat was sometimes so bad that I would stay home instead of going out with friends. I was embarrassed, uncomfortable, didn't feel like my clothes fit, and my self-esteem was overall low. For someone who loves beautiful food as much as I do, it took a huge toll on my mental health and I questioned if I was meant to work with food if I couldn't even eat it without being in pain afterwards.

I tried everything within the scope of a vegan diet. Antibiotics for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), low FODMAP, elimination diets, digestive bitters, magnesium supplements, herbal supplements, acupuncture, drinking more water, drinking less water, over exercising/cardio, abdominal massage, etc. There were certain things that worked for a period of time but then would drop off and I'd be back at square one.

The only thing that's helped: Kangen, which in Japanese means return to origin.

Enagic's motto is: change your water, change your life.

I know now that's the truth. I'm now able to eat ALL the things and I don't bloat anymore. I don't experience pain after eating, and I'm telling you, this alone has made my investment in the machine worth it. I felt like my bloating and gut issues were ruling my life for SO many years and now I feel free of that worry and stress. It honestly makes me emotional to think about!

Here's a peer-reviewed scientific article detailing how electrolyzed reduced water can positively effect healthy gut flora growth/microbiome balance due to the high antioxidant content of the water:


top photo is pre-Kangen. bottom photo is 3 weeks into drinking Kangen + Beauty Water to wash my face 2x/day

Third major difference: SKIN & HAIR

In the grand scheme of skin, I feel like I got somewhat lucky. But that's not to say I don't have my insecurities. Since my teenage years I would get one giant zit that takes up all the attention, then it progressed to lots of small pimples on my chin, then unevenness/redness around my nose and cheeks, blackheads, enlarged pores. Some weeks my skin is glowing, other weeks it's embarrassing.

Surely I'm not the only one that's experienced something like this?

I've tried a looooooot of products. I always purchase vegan, nontoxic and cruelty free. I nourish my body from within. But nothing seemed to help on a consistent basis.

The photos you see above were taken only 3 weeks apart, at the same time of day, in the same lighting. No filter. My jaw honestly dropped when I compared the two side by side for the first time.

The top photo: waiting for my Kangen machine to arrive, working a miserable job, exhausted.

The bottom photo: drinking 3L 9.5 Kangen daily, washing my face 2x/day with 6.0 Kangen (Beauty Water) + working fully for myself online.

I didn't change any skincare products.

Like I said before, Kangen is not the cure. But it is the exact thing I needed to round out my personal protocols for health and wellbeing. It just goes to show when you forge your path to align with your values, live life on your terms, and introduce the highest vibe water, it'll start to show from the inside out.

In terms of hair...

...Enagic's Anespa machine is the real MVP. The Anespa is well and truly the luxury I never knew I needed, because frankly, I didn't know it existed until this business opportunity presented itself in my lap.

The Anespa is a machine for your shower or bath. It does not perform electrolysis, but like the K8 it filters out the nasties/sediments in our tap water. If I'm drinking the cleanest, most hydrating water in the world, why am I bathing in chemically treated water and letting it soak into my skin (largest bodily organ)?! This just didn't add up to me.

In addition to the filter, the Anespa contains a cartridge of minerals taken directly from one of the most beautiful hot springs in Hokkaido, Japan. In Japan, bathing in hot springs is often prescribed as part of a holistic medical/health protocol. Enagic's Anespa is the only machine like this on the market, and Enagic owns exclusive rights to this hot spring. The Anespa filters out the bad stuff, then remineralizes your water with the beautiful Japanese minerals - every day is like bathing in a hot spring!

The above photos were taken only 3 weeks apart. Same time of day. Same lighting. No filter.

I can see a difference, can you?! In a normal shower I was going through conditioner bars like crazy and my hair never felt soft or looked shiny. It was constantly dry, matted, frizzy and splitting.

With the Anespa I don't use any conditioner, maybe shampoo once per week and my hair is softer and curls more defined/flouncier than ever! I don't have to lather myself in moisturizer after either for soft skin. And it's the dead of winter here in Australia right now.

I wanted to share my personal story with Kangen Water because I feel as though it's now my duty to share it. It's made such an impact on my health (physical and mental), so maybe it could impact someone else's life hugely, too.

The health benefits are only a fraction of what this machine can produce. I'll be writing another blog post soon about how you can use this machine to create a chemical/toxin free home sanctuary.

These machines have not only been my ticket to health, but my ticket to life of freedom and abundance, too.

I truly feel as though I was placed on this planet to help. Help people grow, evolve, take control of their health and become the creator of their own reality. We are destined for so much more than study, work, retire, then enjoy a few good years.

Life should be experienced everyday. How can we do that if we're working 50-80+ hours per week in a role that is potentially unfulfilling?

If you're looking to transform your health or perhaps you're in need of an out from your current job, I can help you. Let me help you. All I ask is that you have an open mind. The shift could start simply with one machine.

Send me an email: aliza.strock@gmail.com or DM on Instagram @shaktifresh

Thank you for reading! I hope my story inspires you or resonates with you in some way.

My inbox is always open.



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