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Do You Know Your Waters?

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I feel really silly for drinking tap water for as long as I have. I was ignorant to the way tap water is treated by state government and what is actually in the water. While Melbourne specifically claims to have "some of the safest drinking water in the world," the city's own Annual Water Report shares it is actively treated with chlorine to decontaminate it from potential pathogens and bacteria.

I'm just wondering, why are we consuming water containing chlorine when it's also used for things like:

  • aiding in the sanitation process for industrial waste and sewage

  • killing bacteria in swimming pools

  • the creation of pesticides

  • bleaching paper

It can be explosive when mixed with other chemicals like ammonia, which people also use to clean their homes.

I'm confused.

We're advised to not drink bleach because it's poison, so how can drinking water be safe when it's treated with chlorine, which is essentially bleach?

Chlorine in tap water was introduced in the 1800's, and by the start of the 1900's this was the go-to treatment to decontaminate tap water. It was cheap and effective (still is) and it's remained as such. Rather than governments investing money into society's health for things like healthy, nutrient dense school lunches and dedicated nutrition education in early years, it's apparently more beneficial to the economy to keep cheaply treating tap water with chlorine and pumping money into the broken medical systems and big pharma.

Enter: long term health effects like respiratory issues, digestive issues, skin rashes like eczema, production of free radicals in the body (oxidative stress in the blood), and certain cancers.

I don't want any of those things, and I'm sure you don't either.

It is critical that we learn what is in our local water! Water is the only essential element in life. Our bodies are comprised of more than 60% water and we would die without it, so shouldn't we make sure the water we're consuming is the best goddamn water on the planet?!

This is why I choose to only drink Kangen Water. Electrolyzed reduced water contains numerous benefits, ranging from:

  • flushing free radicals in the body

  • optimizing hydration of the cells

  • reducing oxidative stress in our blood, which is essentially slowing the aging process

among so many more. Read my other blog post about my personal testimony with Kangen and how it's deeply positively impacted my health:

Sign. Me. Up. Kangen is basically the fountain of youth y'all!

and it looks bloody cute in your kitchen, too :)

The Kangen machine has a built in filter that you only need to change about once or twice a year depending on your water source (there are additional filters you can invest in as well for your specific area). The standard Kangen filter removes:

  • chlorine (hallelujah)

  • sediments

  • bacteria

  • odors

So not only are the nasties getting filtered out, you're also consuming one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world through the electrolysis process (molecular hydrogen/hydrogen gas). That is a win-win!

Not to mention all the items you're able to replace. Since investing in my Kangen machine I haven't needed to buy:

  • water in plastic bottles

  • household cleaners

  • facial cleanser/toner

  • shampoo/conditioner

  • laundry detergent

  • digestive enzymes/supplements

This one machine has allowed me to truly simplify my life in so many ways. You can read more about how I created a nontoxic home sanctuary with Kangen water here:

This is why just purchasing something like a Brita filter really won't benefit you in a holistic way. Yes it will filter out chlorine which is a great start, but the benefit list pretty much stops there.

Reverse osmosis water? Forget about it. You may as well be drinking nothing! RO removes every single morsel of water, the bad AND the good. There is zero health benefit to drinking RO purified water, and it might even be more detrimental to your health because you're not consuming any of the natural minerals in water that we need.

The problem with these systems is that they ONLY address drinking water. The Kangen machine addresses the environmental, toxin and sustainability problems as well. 70+ uses for one little, 2.5kg/5lb machine that is certified medical grade and you can take it through TSA with you.

Interested in more information about Kangen or want to learn how I can help set you up with one of these machines? Please don't hesitate to reach out! Contact me via DM on Instagram @shaktifresh or send me an e-mail I'm here, judgment free, and ready to answer any questions you might have!


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