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Creating a Non-toxic Home Sanctuary w/ Kangen Water

I feel like people are starting to wake up to the fact that we don't need to use harsh chemicals to clean our homes and bodies (which are also our homes). There are a lot of nontoxic alternatives to chemical cleaners on the market, but inevitably they come in some sort of packaging or aren't as fully "green" as the company claims to be.

Don't get me wrong, natural cleaning products are a bloody FANTASTIC place to start. In fact, we should all at least start there.

Please toss your chemicals out!!! Most states (at least in Australia and I'm sure in other countries too) have a chemical recycle program. All you need to do is seek out your local council officials and ask them how you can go about disposing your chemical cleaners appropriately so as not to harm the environment, and how to properly recycle the bottles.


Here's what you can do.

Invest in a Kangen water machine and make your own nontoxic cleaning products for life. The ultimate in convenience - you can create them in your own kitchen. You never have to run to the shops again for cleaning supplies. You never have to spend money on another (toxic) cleaning product again. You never have to invest in (toxic) cleaning products in plastic again.

Because you can clean your whole dang home with water.

Say, WHAT?!

It's true, I said it! Tell the press!

A Kangen machine is tried and tested to last 25-30 years. That is less than $1 per day to utilize the 68 functions of this machine. The upfront investment might seem unsettling, but over time, you will be doing your health, environment, and wallet a biiiiiiiig favor.

People are generally quick to invest in a 4-year university degree or a new car, but why is there so much backlash for investing in a certified medical grade water machine that will greatly benefit your health and the environment?

The average American family of 4 spends over $3,000 per year on plastic products (cleaning, water bottles, beauty products etc). Over the course of 25 years that's $75,000. Which is 15x the cost of a single Kangen machine.

Now that I've dropped that information on you, let's talk about how this machine will actually clean your home.

The Kangen Water machine is unique in that it is the ONLY water ionizer on the global market that produces level 2.5ph water which is considered strongly acidic. This strong acidic water (or hypochlorous acid HOCI) has been scientifically tested to kill numerous viruses and bacteria off of surfaces, and will completely sanitize your hands, kitchen counters, medical tools, cuts/burns, and more.

How does the machine do this?

By combining non-iodinated salt (the electrolysis enhancer) and water through the process of electrolysis this produces sodium hypocholorite (NaOCI), which is the same ingredient in bleach used to sanitize. This is a 100% nontoxic alternative to bleach, and you can make it in your home with a Kangen machine. For less than $1 per day. For 25 years.

All you need to do? Press the 2.5 button your Kangen machine, fill up a glass spray bottle with the water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for some aromatic goodness (I like pine or lemon), and go at it!

There are machines out there that produce only this 2.5 hypochlorous acid. But they can cost up to $40,000. For one single function.

Uhhhh, no thanks!

***Here's a peer-reviewed, scientific article reviewing hypochlorous acid as an "ideal disinfectant and sanitizer (that is) nontoxic to surface contact, noncorrosive, effective in various forms, and relatively inexpensive." This article looks at hypochlorous acid specifically in relation to protecting against COVID-19, which they have concluded that it can "be used with a high predictability for disinfecting against the COVID-19 virus. Sign. Me. Up.***

The potency of the hypocholorous acid will last up to 14 days (as per the article states) as long as it's protected from sunlight. I recommend storing your 2.5 in a dark, amber spray bottle in a cupboard to preserve it as long as possible. Alternatively, you can simply fill up the bottle as much as you'll need for your cleaning sesh, and just as easily make a new bottle the next round!

I also keep a small spray bottle of 2.5 + lavender essential oil in my purse as hand sanitizer for when I'm out and about. What is NOT cool about DIY at home hand sanitizer?!

When the 2.5 comes out of the bottom hose of your Kangen machine, the top hose releases 11.5ph water.

Which also comes with its own slew of benefits, too of course!

The 11.5ph water is fairly magical. One of its top tier party tricks is that it can emulsify oil based pesticides and herbicides and remove them completely from fresh produce. Tap water can't do that.

I'll be writing another blog post soon that's a full deep dive into pesticides, how they're harmful AF and how 11.5 Kangen can save us all from these awful chemicals.

In the meantime, enjoy this YouTube video that demonstrates how much more effective 11.5 is in the removal of pesticides in comparison to tap water:

In terms of a household cleaning product, 11.5 strong Kangen water can completely replace laundry washing powder/liquid - simply fill the tank of your washing machine with 1/2-1L of 11.5 and essential oil of choice (I particularly love a citrus blend or lavender!), choose your cycle and away you go! 11.5 is strong enough to remove stains and refresh clothing and linens.

dirty dog park shoes turned pearly white! washed with 11.5 + essential oil

This 11.5ph water is also an absolute rockstar for:

  • sucking up oil based stains from carpets and rugs

  • cleaning your oven (use it on a scratchpad)

  • polishing silver jewelry

  • unclogging drains (see ya Drano!)

  • dissolving grease and grime (too-da-loo Formula 409!)

  • removing adhesive/sticky stuff (adios Goo Gone!)

I still find it hard to believe sometimes that w a t e r can do all of this for us. But it can. It's in the science. Enagic has been producing these machines for nearly 50 years and has since been perfecting this product and its effectiveness of all functions.

1 singular upfront investment. Thousands and thousands of dollars saved over 25 years. No plastic or harsh chemicals. To me, this is a no brainer.

Not to mention, when you invest in one or more of Enagic's products you are granted free global distributor rights for LIFE. You can share your experience with these machines and earn up to 54% commission off each sale for the rest of your life. Now THAT, is epic return on investment in addition to the incredible health benefits.

If you're curious about Enagic's patented compensation plan, click here to view a free web class giving you the full run down:

I invested in this machine in present day at 30 years old. I will have this machine until I'm 55+. Like, what?! I can't even imagine what technology will be like in the year 2045. I could have grown children by then and this machine will still be kickin'. I will be financially abundant because of this investment I made in 2020. MADNESS!!!

The K8 Kangen water machine is the next home appliance, and I feel confident in saying that it is a necessity, not a luxury. 1 in 6 homes in Japan have a Kangen machine. 1 in 18,000 homes in the US have one. It is my passion and purpose to get more machines in more homes.

Just sayin', the average American spends $11,000 per year on medical related expenses.

To me, health should not be an expense or a luxury, it's an investment and our birthright to be healthy and thriving.

If you could make a one time investment of $5,000-$15,000 to truly transform your health and potentially heal or prevent yourself from illness AND also perhaps start your own online business leading to time, location, and financial freedom...

...would you make that investment?

if yes, send me an e-mail: and we can discuss next steps for you.

if no, send me an e-mail: and we can discuss next steps for you.



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